Friday, October 2, 2009

Penny, prettiest thing and crunchy leaves.

1.A little girl's face brightens when she finds a penny on the ground at the market.

2.Bf gives me a hug and repeats a line from Little House on the Prairie. "You're the prettiest thing on this side of Heaven," he says, even though my hair is a mess and I'm drowning in a overly large sweatshirt.

3.I like walking on fallen leaves. They make a satisfying crunch and crackle noise.


  1. Having spent many childhood summers in New England, your is a wonderful blog to have found. I wanted to put you on my blog list so I could check in once in a while, but hope that being a follower will mean I get an email from you like when one subscribes to blogs.
    I have several blogs, but the main one is